Evolving Squares


My first game, which hit the play store the 6th august 2015. It is created for Android, and is best played on there :)

Evolving Squares is a puzzle game, meant to have you think about where you place the shapes you are presented with, but you also need to make sure there are room for new shapes you will be presented with, furthermore, as an extra challenge, every 10 shapes you place, an ‘evolution’ will happen, which evolves the playing field, which needs to be taken into account when placing the shapes. Evolution’s will make you lose some games, however, it will also save you from losing games, meanwhile generating very colorful grids :)

It contains several achievements you can try to get, some of which are rather hard, and there is also a leaderboard, so you can see if you are better than your friends!

I would really appreciate if you would download and rate the game :)

You can try it online Here!, however, it is meant to be played on Android, it will give a better experience, if you download it, and play it from there :)

Got any feedback to the game? send me a message on feedback@daluur.dk





Get it on Google Play

some icons courtesy of Game-icons.net, font courtesy of Kenney all under C00 license, and some icons from Icons8.net under CC BY-ND 3.0 license.